A man was there who had been sick for thirty-eight years.  Jesus saw him lying there and knew the man had been sick a long time. Jesus said to him, “Do you want to get well?”      John 5:5-6

Do you want to get well? Seems like a silly question. Doesn’t every sick person want to get well?

Sometimes the answer to that is no. In addiction, so many think they want to be able to control it, not really quit entirely. In times of ill health, there are those who are just ready to go to God.  In our lives, we can think we want to be a Christian and triumph over sin but only to a certain point. After that, it costs too much.

We know eating well, sleeping, and exercising regularly will improve quality of life and then procrastinate – maybe tomorrow.
We know going to church improves spiritual well-being, then we skip worship and promise (again) we’ll go next week.

In this scripture, the man has been sitting by a pool that might heal him and yet has nothing but excuses for Jesus. We know our excuses too. Jesus will help us with all of it but we are hesitant because of the cost. 

We think if only I was …. thinner, richer, older, younger, in a relationship, out of a relationship, closer to family, away from family, employed, in a different job or able to retire then my soul would be well. Unfortunately, no. 

Being well requires facing change and challenge. True soul peace and contentment comes from a close relationship with Jesus. The cost of true commitment to the risen Lord is a changed life; one of service, dedication, compassion and love. Do you want to be well?

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