For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.   Matthew 9:13

This is a piece of scripture that can trip up all of us. We aspire to respectability, We warn that ‘you will be judged by the company you keep’. An old adage tells us if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. We ask what will people think? All designed to keep us safely separated from the unsavory.

How then, can we turn around and eat with tax collectors or associate with prostitutes as Jesus did?

If we avoid all who polite society would rather ignore, we have cut off our usefulness to the Kingdom. If we have covered over our past desperation (and yes we all have one, some buried deeper than others) we have lost the compassion to see the needy as deserving of God’s grace. We have become like the Pharisee’s that Jesus had such harsh words for. If we can judge another as undeserving of God’s mercy, we are not worthy either. 

Sometimes this is most difficult with strangers and sometimes it hits much closer to home. If we are appalled at someone else’s life, we have forgotten the gospel. Let us remember that we all descended from Adam and offer the mercy of God to each other. 

Let us all spend some time this week examining who we are shunning and asking God for the grace to respond to them with the love of Christ. What will people think? They will know we are Christian. 

We are resuming in person worship this Sunday. Masks are required in the building and social distancing guidelines will be observed.
It is Communion Sunday. Please bring cracker/bread and juice for your family. 

The service will again be transmitted to the parking lot through the radio for those more comfortable with that option. A taped version of the service will be put online.

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