Be Still and Know that I am God         Psalm 46:10

I have this verse stenciled on the wall of my office at home directly across from my chair. It has been up there for more than10 years and I am still trying to get it right.

      Be Still
So many of us fail to accomplish true stillness. We need to be busy. We worship busyness. How often do you hear people tell you how many hours they worked, as if it were a badge of honor. We brag about multitasking. And as we age, we complain, sometimes bitterly, that we can’t do as much. 

When the pandemic first shut things down, after the surge in toilet paper and hand sanitizer came a boom in buying baking products. So many bought that some cookie mixes were unavailable for months. People cleaned closets and started exercising. On their own, not bad activities, but how many used these as a barrier to being still or a new way to be busy?

Can you sit quietly for an hour? Can you handle no TV, radio, electronics or conversation? Can you even manage 10 minutes?

There is something critical about time spent in contemplation, in time spent just listening for God’s voice, to coming to the place where we hear clearly, are comforted deeply and….
Know that I am God
This is the eternal call from our creator to accept deep in our hearts the fundamental truth of God’s existence. It does not mean one hour of worship on a Sunday or a religious plaque on your wall. It is not giving lip service to a supreme being or the ability to quote a verse of scripture. It is not tentative or hesitant or limited by the humanness of anyone around us. It is the awe and fear and peace of awareness of God in our innermost being. 

I challenge you this Lent to fast from busyness. Commit to taking the time to be still. I promise God has a purpose and work for you to do. Be still and know will of the Great I am.

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