Midweek meditation

But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment.      Matthew 5:22

Let’s be honest, these words convict every one of us. For all the commandments we can claim we have never broken, this statement from Jesus immediately shows our sinfulness. We have all been angry at another and have had varying degrees of success in letting go of that anger.

When we feel hurt we want to strike back. We often nurse the anger turning the other’s transgression over and over in our mind. Sure we agree that only God can provide final judgment but here and now we want them to pay for their unfair actions, words or choices.

Jesus condemns our anger and judgment. He wants us to know it is a dishonor to him; only he has that wisdom and power. And our continuing anger is a barrier to his love and a negation of our being made in his image. He gave us the example of forgiveness from on the Cross. We are called to do the work of reconciliation and forgiveness; for our sake as his people.

God’s judgment is perfect. Let us work to leave that burden to the one far wiser and more compassionate than we will ever be. 

Thank you to all veterans. Attached is a list of those who served from our church. Please spend a moment to remember those who have passed and honor those still living.
We are back to in-person worship this week. Madison Matta is bringing us the Word.

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