Midweek musings

You are not far from the kingdom of God        Mark 12:34

 A teacher of the law asks Jesus which is the greatest commandment. Jesus responds with the familiar Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself. The teacher tells Jesus he approves of the answer. Jesus replies, you are not far from the kingdom.

Not far – seems encouraging. Imagine a long car ride with kids in the back. “How long until we get there?” The answer ‘not much farther’ can mean many things; 10 minutes more, 100 miles, or please fall asleep and leave your sister alone.

 Not far from the kingdom of God means we are still outside of it. People can say the right things or choose certain good acts without having Christ in their life. Knowing the Bible is not the same as knowing Jesus. Trying your best is not the same as living in the Spirit.

Jesus is waiting for you and for me to surrender to his authority over our lives, to be vessels of his will, to accept him as God on earth. We aren’t far from the kingdom of God. But we aren’t there yet.

Charge Conference will be Oct 8, at 7pm, Rouzerville UMC

Worship at 11am in the sanctuary. Masks are required in the building. 

Adult and Children’s Sunday school will resume Sept. 20 at 10am. No Cherub Choir for now.

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