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This week I want to share an article written in 2016 for the Susquehanna Link, the Conference newspaper. It is still relevant today. As we face our future, may we remember that we are not alone.

 The Journey by Rev. Mike Bealla, Director of Connectional Ministries

     Change is all around us! We often use the term “transition” to express change. Perhaps transition implies a kind of continuation with a temporary adjustment which feels a bit more secure. But the bottom line is, we are living in a time of not just change, but exponential change. Every aspect of our lives seems to be radically impacted by the frequency and the amount of change. 

     … Change can rattle our being. Regardless of your political view, you must admit we are experiencing one of the most unsettling primary seasons ever (at least in our lifetime). The fear of the changing world around us has led us — beyond having and creatively expressing opposite points of view — to name calling and disrespectful practices. 

     If we are not personally careful, we can find ourselves getting caught up in all kinds of things that can separate us from living into the presence of Christ. We can easily play out our frustrations by pointing the finger at others for the world’s problems, judging our brothers and sisters as to which are good and which are bad, and using our faith positions to divide us from each other. 

     Our concern for the future of our denomination may be pulling us apart by opposite viewpoints and theological differences, and is a reflection of a greater fear that God has left the building. Despite human attempts to divide ourselves in God’s name, God has always triumphed. Easter makes that so very clear. 

     The change we face today is actually a sharing with God in the creation of tomorrow. Change is God’s way of taking what is (or isn’t) and reshaping into what God intends it to become. That includes us. As painful as transition can be for us, we also know it is necessary if we are to become what God intends us to be. We are invited into this relationship with God to be co-creators of tomorrow. What an awesome gift and awesome responsibility. 

     I guess I am rambling on simply to say whether we face change in our own lives, in our families, or communities of God’s own church, we are not alone. We need not truly fear change. God meets us in the midst of creation and walks with us into the future. For us it is a matter of remaining true and faithful to God no matter how unsettling life becomes. God will never let us go. 

In this meantime between God’s kingdom and our daily lives, remember God’s ultimate promise. It is real! Stand firm in your trust of God no matter how unsettling life becomes. 

God has invited us on this journey of life … we can either embrace God’s change or stay behind and miss out on God’s plan for tomorrow. 

News and Updates: Worship is held at 11am in the sanctuary. Masks are required in the building. Pews are marked for social distancing, we ask that your family stay together. 

The service is also available in the parking lot on your radio. Bulletins will be brought to your car. Our online service is a work in progress. We have some posting delays but we will always have a new message for you. If you are not ready to be in a group. If you aren’t feeling well, if you might have been exposed or if being in public causes any distress, please stay home. You will be in our prayers.

 Sunday school will resume Sept. 20.  If you’re child is sick or not feeling well please keep them home. Cherub choir is on hold until further notice.  We will start promptly at 10:00 with kids going directly to their class rooms. Masks are required to be worn by everyone and we will social distance as best as our rooms allow.  There will be one teacher and a roamer for classes K-12.

Charge Conference has been scheduled for Oct 8 at 7pm. We will have more details soon.

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