Midweek meditation

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,    Matt 5:44

I think this commandment from Jesus is one of the hardest for us to follow. Loving anyone beyond our close circle of family and friends is a challenge, but we try. This is far beyond that. Jesus asks not that we put up with the family member that annoys us or the friend that embarrasses us but to love those who hate us. We are to pray for those who wish us harm.

Think about those who you consider enemies or opponents. Make a list – does it include those who broke your trust, people in the other political party, members of another religion, someone who hurt you long ago that you have not been able to forgive? How do we start treating them with love?   On our own, we are lost. We must pray to God for the ability to see the face of Christ in all people. Ask God to work love through you.
This Sunday, Sept 6, we will resume in person worship in the sanctuary at 11am. Masks are required in the building. Pews are marked for social distancing, we ask that your family stay together. Communion will be celebrated on Sept 6 – please bring from home juice and bread for your family.

 The service will be available in the parking lot on your radio. Bulletins will be brought to your car. The service will also be put online by Sunday afternoon for those who are at higher risk or not yet comfortable in person.

We are working on nominations for 2021 Council. Terms are ending for Teresa Brennan, Robin Schroyer and Jason Gahan. Please start thinking about who should be nominated. Is it You? Membership in the church is required for Council positions. Watch for an email from Planning Center.

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