Midweek meditation

God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.                                                                                     Genesis 1:5 

Watching the sun rise I can so clearly see the hand of God. Afternoon light shining through the leaves of the tree or sparkling off the pond brings the proof of God’s presence. Brilliant colors streaking the sky at sunset and I know God is there. But as the darkness settles, something changes. We forget to look for God in the shadows. 

Night is hard for many living with grief, worry, fear, or pain. We forget that God made the darkness also. Darkness is not a mistake or an accident, it is an intentional time, a gift of rest and contemplation. But too often, in our fear of both, we fail to see this time as precious, pushing to get one more thing done, blaring the tv so the quiet won’t stretch around us, thoughts spinning with regrets for the past or worries of the future. We forget to embrace the darkness as time given to us to be in solitude with the One who made us all. 

We humans are too often binary – something is good or bad, loved or hated, dark or light, right or wrong, worthy or unworthy. God is calling each of us to expand our vision, to see the presence of God in all places, people and situations. Let us rest gently in the arms of our creator who made it all and may we learn to see the comfort of God’s presence in the midst of our deepest darkness. 

Drive In Worship this Sunday, June 21, will be held in our cars in the church parking lot 10am. We will celebrate communion. Please bring juice and bread or crackers for those in your car. A basket will be available for your offerings. 

The sanctuary will be open after worship for prayer and meditation. All precautions, physical distancing, masks and hand sanitizer, will be in use. 

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