PRE-SCHOOL LESSON: Elisha Helps a Widow and Her Sons

Good morning! Today we’re remembering that God cares for people in need. Let’s see what kind of people God helps. Let’s pretend that we’re all babies. Act like a baby right now.
• If you were a baby and you were hungry, what would you do? Who would feed you?
• If you were a baby and you needed a clean diaper, what would you do? Who would change you?
God takes care of babies by giving them parents to care for them. God loves babies. Now let’s pretend that we’re grown-ups. Act like you’re a grown-up right now.
• If you were a grown-up and you were hungry but your refrigerator was empty and you didn’t have any money, what would you do?
• If you were a grown-up and you were sleepy and tired but you didn’t have a home with a nice, soft bed, what would you do?
God loves all people everywhere. But God cares especially for people who have needs. Some people are hungry. God loves people who are hungry. Some people don’t have homes to go to or families to love them. God loves people who don’t have homes or families. God loves people who need things. Let’s learn about a time God took care of some needy people.
Our Bible story today comes from 2 Kings 4:1-7.
I’d like you to act out part of the story, so listen (read) carefully and do what I tell you to do. A woman had two sons. Show me how many sons she had. Hold up one…two fingers. Now, the woman and her sons were very poor. This family owed people money. Look in your hands, and you’ll see how much money the woman had.
• How much money do you have in your hand?
That’s how much money the woman had to pay people back. Remember the two boys? One…two (remember, show me how many fingers that would be). Those two boys were all the family the woman had, and they were very special to her. Some people said, “If you don’t have any money to pay us back, we’ll just take your sons to work at our houses.”
• How do you think that made the woman feel?
She did not want her boys to be taken away. Now, the family had a good friend. Elisha was God’s special helper. Elisha asked, “How can I help you? What do you have in your house?” The only thing the family had in the house was a little bit of oil.
Elisha told the woman to go to all her neighbors and ask them for empty containers that could hold oil. After the woman and her sons collected the jars, they went inside their home and shut the door just as Elisha told them to do. Let’s clap our hands together to hear the sound of the shutting door. Let’s see what happened.
• Do you remember how much oil I told you the woman had? What did it feel like on your hand?
• Do you think that tiny bit of oil could have filled all the containers? Why or why not?
God turned the woman’s little bit of oil into enough oil to fill all her jars! Then Elisha told the woman to go sell the oil. She would have enough to pay her family’s debts. Then she and her sons could live on the money that was left.
• How do you think the woman and her sons felt after all this happened?
• What do you think they learned about God?
The woman and her sons had a big need. God showed the people in that family that he cared for them. God always cares for people in need.
When the woman and her sons needed money, God showed he cared by giving her a way to earn money. God helps people in need.
I’d like to say a need, and have you think of something that I could use to solve that problem. Each of these problems I have can be solved…
• I’m hungry.
• I’m getting ready for preschool, and I need to fix my hair.
• I have a crying baby.
• I’m on an island in the middle of the sea, and I need to go home.
• I am lonely, and I need someone to play with me.
• I need something to carry all this stuff home in!
Do you know who our very best friend is? God is our best friend. God will help us with our needs because God cares for people in need.

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