K-GRADE 3 LESSON: Elisha Helps a Widow and Her Sons

Good morning! Today we’re going to talk about people in need. Please come up with a situation or use a Bible story that tells how God helped someone in need. Please share that with someone in your home. Or write it down to share with me when we meet again.
In all our situations, we need to remember that we can depend on God to find a way to help people in need because he cares for them. Even though we can’t always predict how God will help them, he will help the needy. Our Bible story today tells about a miracle solution for one family in need.
There are lots of needs out there, and you’ve identified some situations by sharing with someone in your home (or writing it down for me to see). In our Bible story today, the need was great. The widow of a friend of the prophet Elisha owed so much money that creditors were threatening to take her sons away to be slaves. If people couldn’t pay their bills in Bible times, their families had to work off the debt.
• What do you think might have been some of the thoughts running through the widow’s mind?
(she thought she’d never pay it off; she didn’t want her sons to be slaves.)
• What might you have done if you were the widow?
(I would have run away; I would have tried to keep my family with me.)
The widow went to Elisha and told him about her needs. She reminded Elisha that her husband had been a man who loved God. Elisha asked her what she had in her house.
• Why do you think Elisha wanted to know what she had?
(to see if he could use anything to help her; to see if she could sell any of her things.)
The woman told Elisha that all she had was a little bit of oil.
Before I go on with the story, let’s learn a little about oil in Bible times. Sometimes oil used in Bible times was perfumed. It was needed to protect the skin from becoming too dry in the desert heat.
People also used oil to light their homes, much like we use candles today. They had lamps they filled with oil. A wick was soaked in the oil, and a burned for a short time. So the people needed oil to protect their skin and to light their homes at night.
People also used oil in their food. They used oil to make a bread. They also seasoned the oil and used it the way we sometimes use butter.
• Have you ever had a cut that someone put ointment on before you put a band-aid on it? Why was ointment used?
(so it doesn’t get infected; to help heal it faster; to make it feel better.)
People in Bible times didn’t have all the medicine choices we have but they used oil made into ointment for healing much the same as we do today. They needed oil for medicine.
Knowing all these uses of oil, how valuable do you think oil was?
(it was very valuable; it was a good thing for her to have.)
Oil was sometimes used as money. But the widow had only a tiny bit of oil. What if she needed it for medicine? What if she needed it to cook? What if she needed it to soothe her dry skin? What if she needed to light her home? She was probably saving that little bit of oil for when she really needed it.
Elisha told the widow to send her sons out to collect all the jars they could find. So that’s what they did. Then Elisha told the woman to start pouring the oil from her little jar into all the containers the boys brought home. She filled one jar, then another, and another until every single jar was full. She ran to Elisha and told him what had happened.
• What do you think Elisha told her to do?
(sell the oil; use it however she wanted; thank God for the oil.)
Elisha told her to go sell the oil, pay her bills, and live on the rest of the money. God met this widow’s need in a miraculous way! Psalm 37:25 says, “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging [for] bread.” God cares for people in need.
God’s care for people in need is something to cheer about. I’m going to teach you a chant to get your creativity rolling, and then you can come up with another chant or cheer that praises God for his care. Please share it with me in the comments below.
🎶 to the cadence of the Army’s “sound off”
Now I know ’cause I’ve been told
God’s care for the needy is big and bold!
Now it’s your turn. When you come up with a chant or cheer that praises God for his care, type it in the comments below.
• What do you think God wants you to do for people in need?
(God wants us to care for them, too; God wants us to love them as he does; we can help them.)
God can use us to help others.
The Bible tells us in Isaiah 40:31 that people who hope in the Lord will be given strength. Whatever our needs are, God will give us the strength to make it through when we trust in him.
🙏 God, we thank you today,
Because you care for people in need.
We also thank you for caring for us.
Each of us has needs, Lord.
We need you,
And we love you.
In Jesus’ name,

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